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DJ NAVEEN KUMAR is one of the hottest DJ / Producer / Remixers! Hailing from Chicago, he is now based out of the Los Angeles area. His unique style of spinning and music production attracts crowds from far and wide. He has been blessed to have the opportunity to spin music all over the world; from AMSTERDAM to CANCUN to LAS VEGAS to CHICAGO!


NK’s talents have been most credited for his production efforts. Producing tracks under Dj Naveen Kumar & Darkmada he’s worked with artists such as Jay Sean, M. BRONX, Torio, Manufactured Superstars, Bassanova, Polina, Na Palm, and Young General, he is turning his name into a household presence.

His dance music alias, DARKMADA has been making quite some waves over the years with his original produced records! They have been signed to numerous prestigious dance music labels, such as PERFECTO RECORDS, ARMADA MUSIC, ZOUK RECORDINGS, BLACK HOLE RECORDINGS, PEAK HOUR and more! All while his music being supported by the greats such as TIESTO, PAUL OAKENFOLD, MARKUS SCHULZ, ROGER SHAH, PETE TONG, STARKILLERS, GARETH EMERY, JUICY M and countless others. Keep an eye out as DARKMADA is going to be releasing a ton of brand new music this year on your favorite labels!

As a Dj, Naveen Kumar has opened for some of the biggest acts from all across the world, including Jay Sean, Asher Roth, Raghav, Imran Khan, RDB, Dj Aqeel, Dj Bally Sagoo, Dj Shadow Dubai, Panjabi Hit Squad, Culture Shock, Dj Nasha, Akbar Sami and many more. He credits his success to his strict work ethic and humble demeanor.

Naveen is taking his talents worldwide, mostly known for his EDM work as part of the dj duo DARKMADA; from Originals to Remixes to the hit radio show MOMENTUM, Dj Naveen Kumar has also made his mark in the ELECTRONIC DESI MUSIC scene with his monthly radio show "A NIGHT OUT" #ANO. This is where he delivers a monthly dose of the freshest & newest desi vibes fused with EDM tunes from all across the globe and perfectly blend it into an hour of bliss! Why stop there... NK also features the best dj/producers and the rising stars of the urban desi scene on selected A NIGHT OUT episodes! The #ANO radio show has been growing exponenatially as the years, months, and days go by!! Take you a listen to an episode, you won’t be disappointed!


A musician for music's sake, he stays grounded in his roots and never forgets where he came from! He has been very blessed to have the opportunity to have his music spun all over the world and perform for thousands across the globe!! Keep an eye out he might be headed your way soon!!

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Naveen K. Madana



7051 California State Route 2

West Hollywood, CA 90038

Tel: 224-366-7202​

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